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Security Services

Mobile Security Patrol and Response Vehicles

Uniformed Patrol Officers patrolling your property in unmarked or marked, highly visible vehicles.

Security Guard and Crowd Control Service

Uniform or plain clothes Security Officers / Crowd Controllers on your property, trained, professional and service oriented.

"At all hours, the security officers of Tasmania’s best qualified Security Company Are available to provide a service that is…Prompt, Reliable and Secure."

Protective Security & Close Personal Protection

Tasmanian Protective Services can provide Agents for those at risk due to prominent position, wealth or other high profile situations. The Agents will be low profile so no one but you will know you have Protective Services.

Our Special Agents will provide discreet security that will adapt to the lifestyle of the client, enhancing rather than hindering the client and his or her family’s day to day lifestyle. The Agent assisting you can act as a personal Assistant, corporate chauffeur driver for the children or provide a variety of other security services.

Other Services Available…

Alarm monitoring, Alarm systems, Cash Collection, Process Serving, Electronic Surveillance, Tactical Counter Measures and Investigations.

Contact Tasmanian Protective Services anytime (24/7) directly on 03 6272 0134.

Security Licence No: 3141